AIDNACTION, INC. is a not for profit corporation domiciled in Arizona. The corporation was incorporated on May 31, 2016.  Most of the individuals that make up the Board of Directors and others working with the organization, have traveled to Ghana, West Africa and have seen the conditions of the people and the lack of resources to achieve a standard of living above that of surviving day to day. Since basic education, vocational education, and training are a big part of a long range plan to help them achieve a higher standard of living we are embarking on plans to help in that area. We also are aware of immediate needs such as emergency food assistance, disaster relief, and assistance to pay medical bills and prescriptions, and other humanitarian aid as we work on our long range plan. The corporation was formed to assist individuals directly, or indirectly through other charitable organizations, addressing medical and physical needs, providing resources for education and training, and other assistance as outlined in the Internal Revenue Code for organization qualifying under Section 501{c}(3).

We are not limited to work in Ghana, West Africa; however, with limited resources and funds the Board has not selected additional locations to provide assistance at this time.

Our corporate logo communicates the helping hand that the organization aspires to give. It is not a hand reaching down or reaching up; but, one helping one another. We all need help in some area of our lives and some point in our life

As we continue our mission we plan for others to become apart of the vision we have to help families grow educationally, financially, and in love as together that precious word “Hope” reappears in their vocabulary.  Our hope is that you will consider joining with us and working with the team, so you one day will realize that you too have become apart of AIDNACTION’S history.